1. Prepay meals for Doctors and needy community on the Savyu App

Step1: Download Savyu app

Step 2: Click on Việt Nam ơi! Cố lên!

Step 3: Choose between Meat meals (for Doctors) or Vegan meals (for needy community). You could back meals easily and pay with Savyu Dollars, ATM, Credit card (issued in Vietnam) or Momo

Step 4: Your prepaid meals is registered and will be provided to the community. You are awesome!

How to prepaid meals on Savyu Video tutorial video:

Cách 2:

Ngân hàng: Vietcombank

Số tài khoản: 1022035481

Tên người thụ hưởng: CT TNHH SAYVU VIETNAM


Nội dung: Chuyen tien edeal VNOCL